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The Kootenai Valley Times is a small, independent and locally owned business, 100% advertiser funded, and your support will not only be an investment in your business but will help bring timely local news back to Boundary County.

With your support as we start building our business, we will invest in hiring staff and acquiring the tools we need to ensure that we are able to cover news around the clock and in all conditions, providing news when news matters most. No other media works harder to protect and promote our community than we at

Your investment in the Kootenai Valley Times is an investment in our community, and prices will never be as low as they are now!
Advertising that delivers more: Your Kootenai Valley Times ad can give your business a web presence if you don’t have one already, can drive traffic to your website if you do, and bring old and new customers to your door!

Fast, friendly local service, with staff willing to work with you to make your ideas happen.

Kootenai Valley Times ads are on display around the world and around the clock, there whenever the reader stops in for a visit.

Your ad is an investment, and we will do all we can to make sure it brings you a good return.

When you’re ready to run an ad, just call, write or email and we’ll do all we can to make the rest easy and hassle-free!
The Kootenai Valley Times is founded on solid journalistic principles designed to build trust and readership so that when the time comes that news becomes essential, readers know we’ll be there to deliver accurate, dependable news, using our website, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Weather alerts
  • Road reports
  • Traffic conditions
  • Mudslides, floods, fires
  • Missing pets, missing people
The Technical Stuff ...

All Kootenai Valley Times ads are measured in pixels per inch.

Our front page (main index or home page) has a three-column design (as does this one) with columns (l-r) News: 700 pixels wide; Social: 300 pixels, and Sidebar: 200 pixels wide.

Our index pages; News, Social, Obituary, Business, Sports, Letters, Entertainment, and our columnist pages, "Out of Kilter" and "Those Were the Days," are in two-column format, the Main being 900 pixels wide and the Sidebar 300 pixels wide.

Our events page offers space for ads 300 pixels wide, solely for upcoming events.

On all our pages, display ads can vary in height, but width is fixed by column size.

In each column on the main page and each index page except events, the top spot can be locked in as an "anchor" for a monthly advertiser for an additional 15% of the ad price.

All other ads rotate on a weekly basis, with the ad at the bottom of the column moving to the top (unless that spot is anchored), and all others shifting down one spot.

If you have a pre-made ad you would like to use, email it to and I will give you options and pricing.

If you would like us to design your ad, send any artwork, such as logos, photos and graphics, along with ideas you have on what the ad should say, color schemes, etc., via mail or email.

We’ll put together options with pricing for you to consider and work with you to fine tune everything.

When you are satisfied, we’ll publish your ad and send you an invoice.
Yard, barn and rummage sales are always listed free in the events calendar!
Just email the times, dates and location, along with an idea of what's  being offered, to!
JB's Les Schwab
300 x 180 pixels per inch
To get started …
Decide what you want your ad to accomplish:

  • Internet presence – go with a smaller, simple ad and a landing page we create and keep updated at no extra fee.
  • Drive traffic to your website – go with a bigger, splashier ad that links to your website.
  • Bring traffic to your door – go with a landing page we build and maintain with sales flyers, coupons, menus, etc. This page can link to your website.
300 x 444 pixels per inch
Decide where would you like your ad:
  • Front Page: Most visible location. Front page ads can be 200, 300 or 700 pixels wide and vary in height. Space is limited. Ads can run by the day, week, month or year.

  • Index pages: The News, Social, Obituary, Letters, Sports, Business, Fun & Entertainment, “Those Were the Days” and “Out of Kilter pages.”

Less visibility but can better target your desired audience. Buttons can be 300 pixels wide and vary in height or banners 900 pixels wide and up to 250 pixels tall. Ads can run by the week, month or year. Ads on “Those Were the Days” and “Out of Kilter” help the authors of those columns.

  • Events page ads for upcoming events. Events advertised are also added to the KVT Calendar. Events ads are limited to 300 pixels wide and can vary in height. Ads can run by the month, week and day.
300 x 176 pixels per inch
Government offices/agencies, public or private schools, tax-exempt churches, non-profits, civic/community organizations, U.S./Canadian military and military organizations -- 15% off all advertising purchases; free event page display advertising if space available.

For ads placed on "Those Were the Days," "Out of Kilter” and "Sweet Tayloula's Cookery Corner," 20% goes to the author.
To learn more about advertising or to get your ad started, call or email!

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Advertising Sales
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P.O. Box 1625
Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805
(208) 295-1016
Skywalker Tree Care
200 x 220 pixels per inch
200 x 121 pixels per inch
200 x 99 pixels per inch
200 x 146 pixels per inch