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Wynword Press publishes 'Beata's Deliverance'

December 28, 2018
Bonners Ferry publishing house Wynword Press on December 8 published a new book, "Beata's Deliverance," by North Idaho author Imogen Aldridge. The novel is a tale of a woman’s unexpected and shocking deliverance of the soul.

Beata, a depressed and cynical middle-aged woman, navigates life as best she can while mourning her strained relationship with her daughter and struggling to find meaning in her unsatisfying job.

Outings with her best friend, tentative attempts at self-help, and a new love relationship aren’t enough to distract Beata from the tremendous void in her being. Then, blind-siding changes to her life make Beata vulnerable to the mysterious stranger who’s been stalking her.

Who is this man? Is he merely annoying? Or could he be the key to Beata’s transformation?

Imogen Aldridge has been a writer at heart and in practice all of her life.

For 20 years, more or less, Imogen has resided in North Idaho on 15 acres of secluded beauty. Her residence has broadened in the last couple of years to include sun chasing in the winter in her RV accompanied by co-pilot Mason and new comer Shadow. For an introvert, Imogen lives an expansive life of discovery in the parks and back country in the best areas of the USA.

She has had a life rich in experiences that brought her profound understanding of strife, loss, toil and accomplishment from hard work and the inner peace that comes with acceptance and deep faith. Working for a fortune 500 company, raising a son as a single mom, building her home, first a canvas yurt and then graduating to a larger version made of wood, she never gave up on moving forward, no matter the obstacles.

"Beata's Deliverance" is available in paperback for $13.95 on the Wynward Press website or on Amazon, and in Kindle format on Amazon for $7.99.

Wynword Press is a full-service, royalty publisher located in Bonners Ferry offering a full range of services, including design and layout, editing, proof-reading and production of works in print and electronic formats.

To learn more, write Wynword Press LLC, P.O. Box 557, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805, by telephone at (208) 267-0817 or by email, wynwordpress@wynwordpress.com.
Imogen Aldridge
Author Imogen Aldridge

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