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Thank you, Idaho Community Foundation

September 18, 2018
With sincere gratitude, Boundary County Victims Services, BCVS, would like to thank the North Idaho Action Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation for awarding our program with a generous grant in December, 2017.

The grant has afforded survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault the opportunity to receive mental health counseling.

The benefits of receiving expedient mental health counseling after trauma may serve as an essential step to healing. Victims of domestic violence and sexual assault have a much greater prospect for recovery from trauma if they engage in a mental health counseling plan.

In addition to counseling, clients also receive coping tools which may serve them their entire lives.

When a victim's sense of empowerment has been restored, they may begin to move into a place of restoration. This shift may improve the quality of the lives of the survivors, which in turn may have a positive impact on the lives of their children family, friends and community.

Through this gesture, the Idaho Action Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation has shown great commitment to helping survivors in our community, and is appreciated by those who help them and, most importantly, by the survivors themselves.

Thank you again, sincerely.
Melissa Krejci
Crime Victim Advocate
Boundary County Victim Services

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