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Give Sherri a second term

October 22, 2018
I believe that continuity is vital to teamwork, it is why every successful team I have been a part of grew, developed and improved as we became more familiar with all of the parts of that team. Time together made us better.

Another vital component for any team to win is commitment from everyone associated with the team. Commitment in sharing a vision, recognizing the importance of each step that leads to those shared team goals.

As important as those two pieces of a team are, the most critical part is always leadership. That one person responsible for establishing the short term and long term goals, the one with the experience and dedication to propel everyone around her forward, the one to mold that vision and turn it into reality is so often the catalyst for success.

Sherri Ybarra has proven herself to be that leader for our public education team. She is an outstanding and effective leader, demonstrated by her record, showing steady improvement in Idaho’s schools over her first term. Her experience, intellect, insight and forward thinking are all attributes of a great leader.

Sherri’s commitment to Idaho’s kids has shone brightly throughout her career as a public school teacher, as a public school principal, and now as the leader of our public schools. We can see the continuity of her plan working in the steps already implemented to achieve the improvements we want in our schools.

From teacher pay to school safety, from better graduation rates to better career readiness, Sherri’s fingerprints are everywhere, driving Idaho’s success in preparing our kids for a brighter future.

The continuity of her second term will further serve to propel Idaho forward to new levels of success in every facet of our educational system. I am supporting this exceptional leader and her team as I cast my vote for Superintendent Sherri Ybarra on November 6.
Layne Flynn
Eagle, Idaho

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