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We are all Boundary County

October 23, 2018
Jeannie Robinson
Hello, I’m running for the position of Boundary County Commissioner. We are a community. We all are Boundary County. Teamwork–Transparency–Honesty. Our worth is as good as our word. We all have the responsibility to work together in a respectful and positive manner.

Citizens must feel welcome to go to the commissioners’ office and have suggestions, views and opinions heard.

A good idea is a good idea, no matter what party, and we need to put politics aside and focus on being the best Boundary County we can be. It’s imperative that we keep our county alive by maintaining employment, keeping our stores and businesses running. We need to seek additional employment opportunities compatible to our county’s resources so that our children, our friends, can stay here to work and not have to leave this beautiful home to find employment elsewhere.

Commissioners, and all county departments, work for you. I worked in the Clerk’s office as a district court clerk deputy over 15 years and at the Extension Office two years. I retired from the City of Bonners Ferry.

Bonners Ferry is the county seat. “Boundary County” and “City of Bonners Ferry” are not the competitors. We are all Boundary County and we all want the best for our community.

It truly takes a village, friends.

I want to work for you. I would sincerely appreciate your consideration in the upcoming election.
Jeannie Robinson
Bonners Ferry

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