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Robinson a leader we need

October 25, 2018
Even though many of us believe that it is unfortunate that our local government officials run for office by political party, it is the system. We voters need to look at the individual running for office in order to select the person who will best represent all of the people and who has displayed positive leadership in our community.

We need a county commissioner who understands the economic makeup of Boundary County, understands its challenges and who cares about all the citizens who represent different economic status.

Jeannie Robinson knows Boundary County, its changes, progression, its problems and its citizens.

 Her participation in the workforce at governing levels has given her insight into the operation of governing. As a County Commissioner she seeks to bring unity in governing through open discussion, factual research on issues and inclusive decision making. Her record as a leader shows that she can do just that.
Elsie Hollenbeck
Bonners Ferry

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