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Every Idaho child deserves our best

November 7, 2018
This morning I congratulate Sherri Ybarra on her victory in achieving a second term. I wish her the very best in developing a vision for our Idaho schools. Every child in Idaho deserves the highest quality education possible and we should all work together to ensure that happens.

I’m heartened at the phenomenal turnout in this election. My career has been spent advocating for participation in the democratic process and I’ve been proud of the interest Idahoans--so many of them my former students--have taken in their democracy this year.

My deep gratitude goes out to every teacher, parent, student, friend, neighbor, and business owner who gave their time and money--and many of whom took personal and professional risks--to help me offer Idaho voters a strong choice in this election. My campaign has truly been a grass-roots effort, with many families opening their homes and clearing their schedules for our travels to their hometowns. I’m also very thankful to our hard-working school administrators, many of whom welcomed me to learn more about their school communities.

I’ve renewed my love of Idaho communities this year and have seen incredible ingenuity among our educators as they face tough challenges. We must continue to tell their stories and the stories of our most vulnerable students. I am personally looking forward to new opportunities for service and collaboration. And I hope my supporters will continue to work for Idaho kids and advocate for educational excellence.
Cindy Wilson
Democratic Candidate, Superintendent of Public Instruction

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