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Please help the public you serve stay informed

November 11, 2018
By Mike Weland

I hereby and in public request from all entities operating in Boundary County, Idaho, subject to Idaho's open meeting law, please include KootenaiValleyTimes.com on their distribution list for all meeting notices, agendas, minutes, legal notices required by Idaho code as well as any press releases issued for public distribution.

It seems odd that I would be compelled to make this request in public, but to be heard, in many cases, it may be the only way.

I am asking the above solely to be able to help disseminate news and information of the public's business to the greatest number of affected members of that public as possible. I am not and have never sought to be paid to publish nor to be designated Boundary County's newspaper of record.

One of the things I have heard over and over from elected officials and government employees through the years, both as a news man and as a public servant, is how wonderful it would be if more people participated. Well, one way to bring that about is to take advantage of every offer you have to get word out to those you serve.

I could understand the hesitation if acceding to this request entailed such odious effort and expense as folding a letter and licking a 50+ cent stamp, but it doesn't. Merely adding an address to an email list is all it takes in most cases.

Please, on behalf of my readers and the public you serve, let KootenaiValleyTimes.com help our community stay informed.

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