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How to help kids develop

December 18, 2018
In regards to Debbie Critchfield's letter, "Student mental health must be addressed," in my opinion, these are a few subjects that just might need to be considered in your search to help develop kids in a more positive manner in a public school's curriculum, such as:
  1. Get rid of common core!
  2. Teach better U.S. history.
  3. Teach family values!
  4. If a student has learning difficulty, help them to understand better, rather than just shuffling them through the system.
  5. Get political correctness out of schools, period!

If a child is on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, SSRI anti-depression drugs, get them off.

It seems that the public schools and colleges have become more of indoctrinating centers rather than actual "learning facilities." We're fortunate to live in a community that is caring and so much more family valued. Just imagine the thoughts of kids who are "latch key." By that I mean, with most families having both parents working, the kids are pretty much left to there own decision making. I know, I was one myself.

With technology now days, a kid's best friend is his or her cellphone or gaming device, where's the learning curve in that? If kids feel insecure at school due to the shootings, arm the teacher. They might just feel safer and just might think it's cool.

I didn't like school when I was growing up. I was bullied as much as anyone. That's just part of the game. Parental support helped me through it. Times were a lot simpler back then, but parents really need to be there for their kids.
Kirk Dixon
Bonners Ferry

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