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Wally Cossairt to join county commission

November 6, 2018
Wally Cossairt
County commissioner Wally Cossairt
It was an excellent turnout in the Boundary County 2018 General Election, with 70-percent of the 6,230 registered voters here casting ballots. With all the votes tallied, Wally Cossairt will be the new face in county government.

Cossairt defeated Jeannie Robinson for the seat being vacated by LeAlan Pinkerton 3,079 votes to 1,190 in the only challenged local race.

County voters went Republican right down the line with the votes closely mirroring party lines, favoring Russ Fulcher for the District 1 U.S. House seat being vacated by Raul Labrador 3,005 votes to Christina McNeil's 929, with none of the other six third party candidates getting out of double digits.

Brad Little garnered 3,111 votes to Paulette Jordan's 1,075 for governor, Janice McGeachin took 3,156 votes to Kristine Collum's 1,060 for Little's old seat as lieutenant governor, and Lawerence Denney was favored to retain his seat as secretary of state 3,207 votes to challenger Jill Humble's 1,024.

Lawrence Wasden is favored here to stay attorney general, with 3,185 votes to Bruce Bistline's 993 and we favor Sherri Ybarra for state superintendent of public instruction, as she garnered 3,083 votes to Cindy Wilson's 1,131.

For state senate, Boundary County favors Jim Woodward to take over Shawn Keough's seat, 3,482 votes to Vera Gadman's 765, and we prefer keeping the incumbents in the state house, with Sage Dixon defeating Boundary County's Stephen Howlett 3,129 votes to 1,151 for Seat B and Heather Scott getting 3,077 votes to Ellen Weissman's 1,138.

On the Propositions, county voters say no to horse racing, 2,715 votes to 1,524, and no to Medicaid expansion, 2,313 votes to 1,935.

For the full Boundary County results, click here.

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