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November 15 Rural Health Day in Bonners Ferry

November 7, 2018
Mayor’s Proclamation
Recognizing November 15, 2018
As National Rural Health Day in Bonners Ferry
WHEREAS, Bonners Ferry and rural communities throughout Idaho are wonderful places to live and work – they are places where people know each other, listen to/respect each other and work together to benefit the community; and

WHEREAS, rural citizens possess a selfless, creative, community-minded spirit; and

WHEREAS, meeting the unique healthcare needs of those citizens is constantly evolving, as rural communities face accessibility issues, a lack of healthcare providers, an aging population suffering from a greater number of chronic conditions, and larger percentages of un- and underinsured citizens; and

WHEREAS, ambulatory and emergency medical services are especially critical in rural America, where 20 percent of the nation’s population lives but nearly 60 percent of all trauma deaths occur; and

WHEREAS, rural hospitals – in addition to being sources of innovation and resourcefulness that reach beyond geographical boundaries to deliver quality care – are also typically the economic foundation of their communities; and

WHEREAS, being a rural healthcare provider provides tremendous opportunities to offer more comprehensive, compassionate, patient-centered and holistic care to patients; and

WHEREAS, Boundary Community Hospital plays a distinct and critical role by leading efforts to address the unique healthcare needs of our rural citizens.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, David Sims, Mayor of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, do hereby proclaim November 15, 2018 to be National Rural Health Day in Bonners Ferry, and encourage citizens to honor our rural community as a wonderful place to live and work; and

FURTHER, I encourage citizens to recognize the unique healthcare needs and opportunities that exist in our community, and recognize Boundary Community Hospital for the valuable services they provide to address those needs and opportunities.

David Sims, Mayor


Christine McNair, City Clerk/Treasurer

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