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Republicans sweep Idaho races

November 7, 2018
Brad Little
Idaho Governor-Elect Brad Little
With all but three Idaho precincts reporting as of 9:30 a.m., the elections are decided, and, as usual, Idaho remains firmly in the Republican camp.

Russ Fulcher will represent District 1 in the U.S. House of Representatives, garnering 63% of the vote to Democrat Cristina McNeil's 96,909. Mike Simpson retained his house seat with a 61% margin.

Former lieutenant governor Brad Little has been promoted to governor, winning an historic race against Paulette Jordan, 61% to 39%. Taking Little's current office in the transition will be Republican Janice McGeachin, who led Democrat Kristin Collum 60% to 40%.

The man with the extra E in his name, Secretary of State Lawerence Denney, handily defeated Democratic challenger Jill Humble, 62% to 37%, to retain his seat running elections as secretary of state, and the other Lawrence, Lawrence Wasden, defeated Democratic challenger Bruce Bistline 65% to 35% to retain his seat as Idaho's attorney general.

Jim Woodward, who grew up in Bonners Ferry and now lives in Sagle, will step into the very big shoes left by retiring Idaho District 1 Senator Shawn Keough, winning with 75% of the vote over Democrat Vera Gadman, and no change in local representation in the state house as Heather Scott and Sage Dixon both retain their seats over Democratic challengers Ellen Weissman and Stephen Howlett, respectively.

Proposition 1 on horse racing in the state fell by a 54-46% margin, and Proposition 2 to expand Medicaid passed by a 60 to 40% margin.

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