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Cars burgled, but no break ins ... ?

December 27, 2018
If you look at the sheriff's log of late, you'll notice a few car burglaries reported. In next week's log, you'll see a few more. And what makes it particularly distressing to the officers and deputies called on to look into these crimes, not a single one of these cars was broken into.

In every case, the doors were left unlocked and the culprit just opened the door to go through the belongings of the victim.

"Could you remind folks they need to lock their doors, please," Bonners Ferry Police Chief Brian Zimmerman asked. "Also if they notice their car has been tossed, to call the sheriff's office to report it so we can track them, even if they didn’t have anything taken. In addition, they should never leave anything of any value visible to the outside of the car. It is just too inviting."

Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean the threat of theft has ended ... theft has no off season. If you want to keep the belongings you leave in your car any time of year, make sure your property is stowed out of sight of anyone on the outside looking in; locked in the trunk is a good place, and lock all your vehicle's doors!

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