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Local woman gives marriage advice to Heloise

October 11, 2018
It's not quite midnight here, but it is in Washington, D.C., where Friday's Washington Post has been out for a few hours. Readers there are getting a few hints on marriage from a Bonners Ferry bride of 22 years in Hints From Heloise.

"Dear Heloise," the local wife wrote, "I've made three major discoveries in my life over the span of a 22-year marriage:
  • Life will never go according to plan. No matter how carefully you set down your goals and plans, things will come up out of the blue that you never expected. Learn to roll with it.
  • A partner/spouse should act like a partner. This may not always be 50/50, but no matter what, you should not do it all. A healthy relationship works best on a give-and-take basis.
    • You're not unusual — no one has it all figured out, and no one has a perfect life.

Mia G., Bonners Ferry, Idaho

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