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Sweet Tayloula's Cookery Corner
Christmas is for lots of naughty food: Me being me, Christmas is very much a time for eating lots of good (and naughty) food. A traditional English Christmas dinner consists of roast turkey, roast potatoes (cooked in duck or goose fat for preference), stuffing, mini sausages wrapped in bacon, vegetables, gravy and bread sauce ... The thing is, my sons do not like the traditional roast dinner.
Sweet and sour chicken: Proof (if proof were needed) of my insanity is the fact that, on the same day I decided to bake two cakes, I also decided to try my hand at sweet and sour chicken. Our local takeaway does wonderful sweet and sour pork balls - chunks of pork covered in batter and deep fried till they are crunchy crisp, served with a bright red, glossy-smooth sweet and sour sauce.
Baking madness; Two great loaf cakes: It's finally happened - I have lost the few remaining mental marbles that I had left and it is all the fault of baking. Bakery is, to me, a black art akin to alchemy. Yet very so often, the urge to bake overtakes me. I found two recipes which proclaimed themselves to be "easy" and bought the ingredients for two loaf cakes: How hard could it be, right?
Idaho Sunrise: Hello everybody! How are you settling into autumn over there? We in England have gone quickly from blistering heat to cooler days. It's really windy today thanks to the tail end of a tropical storm. Meanwhile, Ireland is being battered by (would you believe it) Storm Ali - she is set to move across here over the next couple of days. Anyway, I saw this recipe on a friend's Facebook page today ...
Chinese crispy chicken: What do you do when you like to eat things you can't afford? Easy - you get creative and cheat!  I enjoy foods from many different cultures, one of them being Chinese. But on my limited budget, a good Chinese takeaway meal is a rare treat. That gave me the inspiration to try to replicate one of our favourite dishes at home.
Introducing Sweet Tayloula's Cookery Corner:  Am I the only person who is obsessed by food? I love preparing it, reading about it and most of all eating it - my expanding waistline is testament to that! But with the stresses of a full time job and two sons to feed, sometimes inspiration escapes me. That's where this column comes in. I'm hoping that there are other like minded folk out there who would be willing to exchange a few recipes!

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